Amy Zilk
My technical background includes a B.S in Engineering Physics from Oregon State University. My studies at Oregon State included music theory and physics of musical sound and emphasized mechanical engineering.

I learned tuning and piano repair techniques through a course in piano technology, seminars offered by the Piano Technician's Guild and the generous support of mentors over the years. I continue to refine skills and musicianship through active participation in the Piano Technician's Guild.

In 2012 I attained the Piano Technician's Guild Registered Piano Technician (RPT) designation by passing a series of written and practical exams demonstrating expertise in piano tuning, regulation, adjustment and repair. Fewer than 2500 people worldwide have achieved this standing.

I bring a life-long love of music to piano work. I have enjoyed playing the piano for as long as I can remember.

I received Steinway & Sons factory training in 2017, and currently serve as head technician at Michelle's Piano Company, Home of Steinway, in Portland, Oregon.
503-936-0594West Linn, Oregon